About Me

When I started crafting back in the 1980's to help support 5 children in college, it was unlikely that I foresaw all the twists and turns that my love of the crafting business would take me through. I started out doing street fairs and bazaars, making covered photo albums, and discovered my love for crafting enough to quit a full time job to open up a consignment shop .

Then family needs stepped in and I closed my shop in order to help care for a granddaughter, Born prematurely, who needed extra care. But I kept on doing shows and began putting on a show a Robinswood. As years passed, I added more shows, and by the 1990's, I was promoting 12 shows a years at the following locations; Robinswood, Clise Mansion, Shumway Mansion, Monte Villa Farmhouse, Monroe Fairgrounds and Pickering Barn. I also was still doing craft shows, but had changed to making potpourri hot pads and soft sculpture dolls.

When my husband got sick, I dropped all of my shows, except for Spring and Fall events at Pickering Barn in Issaquah. It has turned into a wonderful show with great crafters and artists and has a wonderful customer base.

In 2007 my husband came down with Parkinson's and so I sold my hot pad business and put all my attention into promoting Pickering Barn. In 2008 I added Fall and Christmas Shows at Vasa Park in Bellevue. I'm still a crafter at heart so, for my shows I have been crafting felt projects and vinyl lettering for the wall. As you can see, I have been in the business for over 25 years and I plan on 25 more.
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